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Palace Move will professionally pack your belongings at your business or home. The stress of packing along with all the other details you are coordinating can be overwhelming. Your stuff is important to you and we pack it to aid in a safe arrival. Let us earn your trust as professional packers with our safe packing measures.

Moving from your business or home can be stressful. If you attempt to pack yourself, your packing will take much longer, due to not having the right supplies. You have a greater risk of your items not arriving to your moving destination safely if they are not properly packed.




We can provide the packing boxes and supplies at an Extra Charge, or we can pack in the boxes you provide.

Things to consider if you supply the boxes and supplies:

  1.  You will need to provide tape, bubble wrap, paper wrap, garbage bags and markers.
  2.  The strength of the box may not hold up for the move. Therefore, you may need to provide a lot of extra boxes and a lot of extra bubble wrap as we may not pack as many items, and you may need extra bubble wrap to fill in the extra space.
  3.  The cardboard or low strength boxes may not withstand the handling endured during moving. We will do our best with the items you provide.
  4.  For homes, you may still need wardrobe boxes, as your hanging clothes cannot be moved in garbage bags with the hanger attached. Most   professional moving companies will not move clothes packed like this. Otherwise your hanging clothes will have to be taken off the hangers and packed in garbage bags without
    hangers, suitcases, or boxes.
  5.  For homes, your dish plates, crystal, china and glass, will need a high strength box. Do not expect these fragile items to arrive undamaged in a low strength box.

Don’t be overwhelmed with the cleaning after you move-out or before you move in. We can provide after move-out or before move-in cleaning services for your office or home.

Do you want your commercial or residential building and exterior to look clean and fresh? Is there dirt and grime build up? We can pressure wash exterior buildings or windows, wood decking, wood fences, walkways, driveways, garages, and more.

If we have completed another service, we provide a discount on the additional service.

We safely pack it for you!

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