If you are concerned about bacteria, germs, influenza, virus, H1N1 or coronavirus (COVID-19) or if someone may be infected or has been infected, it is important to disinfect your residence or office. We use an electrostatic sprayer that covers the entire surface area. An electrostatic sprayer is an electrical positive charge that will cover the surface area and wrap around the sides. The sprayer combined with the disinfectant solution is up to 99% effective. Transportation services, such as airlines and buses, are using an electrostatic sprayer to disinfect the germs on contact between passengers.

The disinfectant will cover as a light mist and will dry quickly. We do ask that you are not in the same room while spraying and wait at least 15 minutes. The solution is ecofriendly and is not harmful to humans or animals after it dries. It is not necessary to clean all the surfaces after spraying disinfectant. We do recommend that area’s that food will be directly placed on, such as kitchen counters, and toys if children place in their mouth be wiped clean.

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